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Derek said we should have an Electronic Press Kit, and we all agreed. However, we then proceeded to drink some beers forgot about said EPK. Then as we got closer to releasing our first real record, Amazing Tacos we decided we should unforget about the EPK and actually make it so we did. Here it is a brief story of how Cheers To Good Problems came to be, followed by pictures and music and stuff.

 Gary was drinking one night, and was nostalgically thinking about how he missed playing in a rock & roll band. So he drunk texted some homies, Stuart, and Sir Paul and asked if they would like to be in a super cool band. They said yes. Several days later Stuart and Gary were drinking with some other friends at a monthly event called Beer Club. Derek said that he would like to play some rock & roll with Stuart, Gary, and Sir Paul. Everybody agreed that this was agreeable.

On the day that we were supposed to have our first practice, the person slated to be our drummer had a last minute conflict arise and was not able to make it. After a few phone calls Joey was able to make it after his plans for the evening fell through. We had our first practice and decided to practice again next week, as we all agreed that it was agreeable.

After months of practice we decided we should name the band. After months of trying to name the band Gary recalled a drunken holiday party conversation that ended with a cheers to good problems. That seemed to be a better name than classics like "Beer and Tacos" or "Free Beer" or "Baby Punching Beerbots". So we named the band "Cheers To Good Problems" and everyone agreed that it was agreeable.

The Band

From Left to Right

Joey Valdez - Ridiculously Amazing Drums

Stuart O'Bannon - Superbly Fantastic Bass/Vocals

Sir Paul Williams - Absurdly Phenomenal Keys/Vocals

Gary Bailey - Wicked Rad Guitar/Lead Vocals

Derek Young - Super Awesome Guitar/Vocals

Links to Videos and Music and Such

Its going to be awesome once we have it